Junior Infants

Hello Junior Infants, we hope everyone is ok there where you are. We know it is difficult when you cannot get out and meet your friends, but home is the best place for everybody at the moment!

Here we have some work for you to do at home to show your family just how clever you are. They will be amazed at your talent! If you do not get it all done, don’t worry. Just do your best!

Have a happy Easter and enjoy it as best you can - Keep busy, keep safe!!! - Play board games, make lego, bake, keep active, do jigsaws, paint!

Keep a diary/news copy of what you have been up to with your family. You can present it to your class when we all get back together – your teacher will be really looking forward to all your news!

We will be in touch again after the Easter holidays,

Best of luck,

Ms. Barrett, Ms. Dolan and Ms. Donegan


Suggested Junior Infant Work -  Week of 30th March


English    Rhyming word game:  http://www.literactive.com/Download/live.asp?swf=story_files/washing_line_rhyme_US.swf


Shared Reading Daily: Choose a book to read

  • Talk about the cover and make predictions about the story.
  • Read the book with your child. Look for sight words.
  • Tell your child if you liked/disliked the story and why.
  • Ask your child did they like/dislike the story and why.
  • Get your child to draw their favourite part of the story.

Storyline online has some beautiful books read by actors to help rest your voice for a short while:    https://www.storylineonline.net/


  • Revision of sounds t, a, s, m, i, h. Think of words that begin with these sounds. Can you go on a hunt around your home and find things that begin with theses sounds.
  • https://slp.cjfallon.ie/ Sounds like phonics A - Unit 1:The Funfair


 Revise Éadaí (Clothes). Send your child on a clothes hunt using Irish words for clothes:

Faigh an...(get the...) 

Tabhair dom an....(give me the....)

 geansaí (jumper),             gúna (dress),                tléine (t-shirt),       bríste (trousers),               bróga (shoes),              stocaí (socks),             léine (shirt),                      cóta (coat),                  sciorta (skirt),             scairf (scarf) ,                     hata (hat).




  • Revise concept long/short. Get your child to sort a selection of 6 toys/socks/scarves etc from shortest to longest.
  • Talk about which toy is the shortest/longest? Which toys are longer/shorter than -?
  • Make sets 1-5 tell your child to find 4 teddies, 2 cups, 3 forks, 1 pillow etc using items from home.
  • Child writes the numbers 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 on pieces of paper and labels each set
  • Practice writing numbers 1-5. 
  • Make numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with play dough
  • Partition (break up) the set by placing a pencil through the set to show 2 and 3 make 5. Ask your child to use the pencil to make as many partitions of five and s/he can.
  • Ice cream counting song to lighten the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbrSWbuWtmc
  • Counting Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq4UAss33qA


Go for a spring walk or drive and look for signs of spring: buds on trees, daffodils, crocuses, bees, butterflies. Draw a picture of something you saw. Try and label the picture eg stem, leaf, petal, daffodil!


PE: choose from any (or do all!) of the following:



Art - Make an Easter picture or decorations and hang them in your window for everyone to see!

History: My family: Get your child to draw a picture of their family. Talk about the family using the words: sister, brother, sibling, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, oldest, youngest. Look at old photographs. Do you look like anyone else in your family when they were your age? Describe what is similar, what is different. If you can , interview someone older than you about what was different when they were your age.




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