Junior Infants

Hello Everybody,

June already! It is incredibly hard to believe that we are into our last month of Junior Infants! 

Boys and girls, don't forget the bank holiday this week, and if we were at school we would have had Tuesday off too so I think it might be worth asking your home school Teacher if they might allow you the extra day off there too!

Parent(s)/Guardian(s), as always your child’s teacher is only a click away if you would like to contact her.

Email your teacher at: juniorinfantsmarist@gmail.com


We’d like to wish a big happy birthday this week to Poppy in Ms. Donegan's class!


Best wishes,

We still miss you!


Ms. Barrett, Ms. Dolan and Ms. Donegan


Suggested Junior Infant Work -Week of 1st June


This week after the long weekend there must be loads of news. On Wednesday can you think of one piece of news you’d like to tell your teacher, draw it, write about it (or get an adult to help you write about it), and email a photo of the page to your teacher!



Shared Reading Daily: Choose a book to read


Talk about the cover and make predictions about the story. 

Read the book with your child.  Look for sight words.

Tell your child if you liked/disliked the story and why. 

Ask your child did they like/dislike the story and why. 

Get your child to draw their favourite part of the story. 


If you have run out of books at home – Suggested Reading


The Bug Hunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nL7On2gBkw


Ten Magic Butterflies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBi_RoXKVo0


Silk the Spider meets Sam the Spider



The Very Hungry Spider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeNioRkm29w&t=10s


The Very Hungry Caterpillar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75NQK-Sm1YY&t=11s



Your child reading themselves!


Keep reading the reading books in the order outlined.

  • All the books from Reading Zone are available on https://www.Folensonline.ie The sequence is as follows:
  • Look out Teddy
  • Look Out Kitty
  • No Finn No
  • The lost ball
  • Teddy is lost
  • The big box
  • Splash
  • Finn jumps in
  • Little Zack

On Folensonline.ie Search “Splash Activity Book” – do pages 11-19

We recommend you continue to choose books from oxfordowl.co.uk that are of interest to your child. If you are having trouble finding a suitable level for your child please email your teacher for suggestions!




Continue  dictation


Parents please note, your child should be only writing in lower case letters, not capitals, and encourage correct formation!

Give your child a piece of paper or a copy.

Adult calls out any 5 words, child writes them down. Choose any from the list below!

Do this 1 day this week


Slug, pup, wood, tree, bud, sun, hot, bed, run, pop



The other 2 days this week we are going to focus on copying a headline.

Pick 2 headlines per day.

Adult writes the words, child copies underneath. Use lowercase letters – the focus here is on practicing forming letters correctly.

Letter formation guide can be found at the link below. !


We are going to use Minibeast words!

Ask your child to draw a picture to match each work

  • The bee is buzzing
  • The spider is on the web
  • The bug is red
  • Ten magic butterflies

or make up your own headlines


https://slp.cjfallon.ie/     Sounds like phonics A - Unit 4:The Zoo  - please  click  the d, z buttons for this week’s work.



Theme: Ag Féachaint ar an teilifís - watching the tv


Phrases for this week:

Tá cartún ar an teilifís.

Tá… ag feachaint ar an teilifís.

Tá… ag gáire/ caoineadh.




You will need to register on this site once. Register as ‘Teacher’, enter your details as appropriate, and when redirected to the next page, enter ‘Prim20’ as Roll Number.


search Abair Liom A

click on resources


search "Ag Féachaint ar an teilifís”


Focloir (words) – teilifís (tv), cartún (cartoon), tolg (sofa), cathaoir (chair), ríomhaire (computer), ag féachaintar an teilifís (watching TV), ag gaire (laughing).

Have a look at Comhrá and póstaer in resources. T

here are lots of interactive bits for the children. They enjoy listening to it. They will hear the focloir (words) so they can practice them.


When you click Póstaer there are lots of interactive resources, a song, a rhyme, a scéal and comhrá. Pléasc an Balún.

Just give them a tryJ





Make Caterpillars

After reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar create your own caterpillars with any materials you have at home. (playdough or use your recycling bin for materials)

Organise your caterpillars by length.

Key Questions

How can you make a caterpillar?

Tell me about your caterpillar?

Which is the longest/shortest caterpillar? How do you know?

How can you make a longer/shorter one?


Maths Minibeast Hunt





Talk about the number that comes before/after.

Orally what number comes after/before 1,2,3,4,5,0.

If you now have you Busy at Maths workbook Complete Pages 121-124


Continue with your home school links workbook.


Game: What’s my number? Have your child stand with his/her back to you. Trace any of the numerals 0, I, 2, 3, 4 or 5 on his/her back. The object of the game is for your child to guess what the number is. When your child answers correctly, s/he gets the opportunity to trace one of the numerals 0–5 on your back



SESE: Minibeasts


Fact file!

  • Ladybirds, are small beetles that can fly. They hibernate in Winter and come out again in Spring. They have six legs. Not all ladybirds are ladies- they can be male and female!
  • The woodlouse has 14 legs. It does not like sunlight, which is why you might find it under rocks or rotting wood.
  • A caterpillar is a baby butterfly. It has 8 pairs of legs and 12 eyes.
  • An ant lives with millions of other ants in a group called a colony. The queen ant lays the eggs, and the other ants act like soldiers to protect her.
  • Snails move very slowly. They can turn their eyes inside out to protect them.
  • Like ants, bees also live in colonies. Bees are super important as they are the only insect that produce food for humans. Bees talk to each other by dancing.
  • Butterflies eat nectar from flowers. Butterflies have patterns on their wings that scare away birds.


Minibeasts and their Habitats



If you are having a family movie night maybe watch "The Bee Movie"!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txv2k7OoY7U sci show kids like fruit? Thank a bee

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9sn7HZM7uY   sci show kids - look inside a flower

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9sn7HZM7uY    sci show kids bees

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgU9mezbJ0U    - sesame street bees




PE: choose from any (or do all!) of the following:





Butterfly symmetry painting

The beautiful patterns on a butterfly’s wings are symmetrical – that means one wing is a mirror image of the other.

To make a symmetry painting, fold a sheet of paper in half then open it up back up. Help you child dab paint on one side of the paper, roughly in the shape of a butterfly wing. Now for the magic – fold the paper and press it down gently, then open it up to reveal a stunning symmetrical butterfly.

Minibeast masks

You can adapt this simple mask to make different kinds of minibeasts, from stripy bumblebees to brightly coloured beetles.

  1. Help your child cut a paper plate in half. Then cut out a triangle from the straight edge so there’s room for their nose.
  2. Hold the mask up to your child’s face and mark where the eye holes should be, then cut them out.
  3. Now it’s time to decorate your mask. Take a look at the amazing images on our invertebrate pages for some inspiration – you’ll discover plenty of minibeast facts too.
  4. If your creepy crawly has antennae, punch two holes at the top of the mask and attach some pipe cleaners.
  5. Finally, punch holes at either side and attach some string to tie the mask round your child’s head.

Music: please click on link below for Ms. Barry's music lesson



Prayers – Pray with your family, you could say the morning and evening prayers together. Maybe say your own prayers to thank God for everything that we have to be thankful for, and everybody who is helping to keep us safe.

You can login on the www.growinlove.ie website with the following details: 

Email: trial@growinlove.ie 

Password: growinlove 

In class this week we would be covering lesson 9-  Thank You God for food.



Extra resources available at the following websites:






Tell a T rex

Phoneme pop

Viking full circle

Poop Deck Pirate

Sky writer  - shows correct letter formation

Dinosaur eggs


If you rather work by printing off sheets, please follow the following links:


https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/junior-infants-pack-e-roi-tpcs-19 class pack E

https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/junior-infants-pack-f-roi-tpcs-35 - clas pack F


Click on a link to download...