Communication with Class Teachers

We hope everyone had a happy Easter and a nice break from school work for the past two weeks.

As a staff we are looking forward to getting back in touch with you and engaging re. school work over the next number of weeks. Each class will have a new template of work on the website next Monday. To facilitate communication and to make feedback possible re. the children's work an email address has been created for each class level. These email addresses can be used to return work to the clas teacher, photographs may be attached  or to look for assistance with a particular aspect of work. The teachers may also indicate particular work which they might like their class to submit to them.

The email address for accessing  your child’s teacher will be found at the bottom of their weekly lessons' template. It will be in use only for the time when we must work remotely.

Thank you for engaging to date with the work which has been assigned.We hope that by providing these class email addresses we will be better able to engage with you in the weeks ahead.

Stay safe and well.

Sr Geraldine and the Staff of the Marist Primary School.