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The items that can go into your green bin have changed!

check how to recycle correctly by clicking above link!

We are delighted to see our green flags and pennants flying for all our hard work to date. Each colour pennant reflects a different theme we have worked on.

Green Pennant – Litter and Waste

4th class have special responsibility for this theme.

We reuse and recycle.

We keep our school tidy and litter free.

We promote awareness.


Yellow Pennant – Energy

3rd class have special responsibility for this theme.

We switch off electrical appliances when not in use.

We give tips on how to save energy at home.

We have Energy Awareness Squads at work throughout the school.


Blue Pennant – Water

5th class have special responsibility for this theme.

We promote the idea that water is precious.

We don’t waste water!


Purple Pennant – Travel

 2nd class have special responsibility for this theme.                    

We walk to school safely whenever it is possible. We like to be seen so we encourage high vis clothing everyday! 


We are currently working towards our fifth green flag which is on the theme of “Biodiversity”.  We hope to become more aware of the variety of plants and animals living on Earth, carefully playing an important part in maintaining the balance of nature.

The junior part of our school took part in "The Great Bug Hunt", and so we have studied lots of new things as part of this project. 

Junior Infants planted grass seeds and watched them grow. They have been on bird hunts looking for the Robin and the Song Thrush! They are examining different trees by watching their buds and seeing which leaves will appear first.

Senior Infants have been tasting blackberries and honey, and learning about the Honeybee, the Blackbird, slugs and snails.

1st class are experts on the Chaffinch and 2nd class know all about the Holly Blue Butterfly, the Hedgehog and the Pied Wagtail.

We were very lucky to have 2 experts into our school to run workshops with our pupils. “Eric the Birdman” wowed the senior girls with his knowledge and information about our flying friends and Paddy Madden spent a week in our school showing us many things from butterflies in their cocoons to rocks to trees! Some of the senior classes went to Glendalough on their school tours in May. We are really experiencing biodiversity in a hands on way.

As part of this theme we hope to make some notable changes around the school grounds. Our committee meet regularly and are bursting with wonderful ideas to enhance the biodiversity we can experience around the school. Watch out for our progress around the school grounds!


Help us maintain these flags!

As the mornings get darker we would love to see high visibility vests being worn to school – be safe, be seen!

Remember if you have to cross roads, please do so with the lollipop lady or at the pedestrian lights.

Reuse your lunchbox and reduce the waste of wrappings.

We are recycling old mobile phones and DvDs at school for an excellent cause – a children’s charity “Bumbleance”.

We are also recycling old, used batteries in connection with WEEE Ireland for Lauralynn Children’s Hospice.


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