Fourth Class

Suggested Weekly Work for Fourth Class – 30/3/’20- 3/4/’20

A note from teacher:

Hi Girls, I hope everyone is doing ok. I understand it is a difficult time for everyone, to stay inside and not meet our friends but think about your lucky dip and choose activities you enjoy doing e.g. reading, colouring or dancing.  Try your best with the work and please don’t worry if you are unable to access the links.

Be good for your parents girls, help out at home with jobs around the house and help any younger siblings to do their work.

Happy Birthday to Brooke and Laycee who will be celebrating their 10th birthday this week! Enjoy.

Ms. Murphy


Keep reading to reach your Accelerated Reader target. Although we won’t be back at school to have our AR party before Easter we will hopefully be back soon.


To access folens online:

Register as a teacher and use the code Prim20 for Roll Number.


  • Read The King and the Wrestler pg.4-5



  • Continue as normal. Week 26. Use your dictionary to find the definition, write it in your vocab copy and learn.


  • Continue writing out 4 spellings into your copy as normal. Put into sentences orally.



















AR book: Refer to the Literacy Circle Roles at the back of your yellow copy.

  • Role: Passage Picker-Write a paragraph based on a passage you found interesting/funny or important and give 2 reasons why.


  • Answer Qs based on the story The King and the Wrestler. Don’t forget to use full sentences to answer the questions.

Activity A and C pg. 5





  • Tables work x 11 ÷ 11


  • Maths Challenge: Test 94. Don’t forget to use RUDE for word problems and to use a Rough Work column.


  • Sums:

            24              56           3000                              5678  

   a)    x 14     b)   x 38     c) - 2876   d)      6⌊ 68    e) +3427         

     _______         _____        ______                        _______





e)5678 + 3427 =


  • Weight: talk about and investigate the weight of different objects in your house. If possible, help your parents measure ingredients if baking at home. Busy at Maths. Pg. 153 q1 and pg. 154 q 1 a-d, m-p


An Cháisc – Easter



An Cháisc - Easter

Seacláid - chocolate


Ciseán cásca – Easter basket


Ubh chásca – Easter egg


An t-Earrach - Spring


Lus an chromchinn - Daffodil


Féileacáin –butterfly

Nead – nest

Coinín – rabbit

Domhnach Cásca- Easter Sunday

Ribín – ribbon

Uan- lamb


  • Learn the verb and translate the following sentences. Use your dictionary and vocab copy.

Aimsir Laithreach: Present tense     Ith: to eat



Itheann tú/sé/sí


Itheann sibh/siad

An itheann sí?

Ní itheann sí.

  1. On Eater Sundays, I eat Easter eggs at home.
  2. Does he eat chocolate every day?
  3. On Mondays, the rabbit eats a carrot.
  4. The lamb does not eat the butterfly.
  5. Every weekend, we eat chocolate in the cinema.


SPHE: Myself

  • Keep a gratitude journal, listing 3 things you are thankful for each day.




  • Continue Geography project: Details in your yellow copy. Choose any country of interest focus on 3 aspects. For fun draw a map.


  • Continue History project: Details in your yellow copy. Choose a woman in history who you admire. Write about her and draw a portrait.


  • Science/STEM: Engineer a tall tower using 10 plastic cups and sheets of paper. How tall can you go? (Don’t worry if you don’t have the equipment, we will try it when we are back in school)


Practice Mindfulness (Cosmic Kids yoga)


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is providing Live PE classes on YouTube everyday


Youtube - Just Dance



Prayers – revise Sign of Cross, Hail Mary and Glory be to the Father in English and Irish.  

To help teachers, students and parents during this difficult time Grow in Love granting free access to Grow In Love AND Soul seekers online series. Simply login on the website with the following details:


Password: growinlove

Art:  Get creative with Easter art

Ongoing work:


Mathletics to be done at home – [If you have lost your login details, please let us know and these can be forwarded to you directly]


Have fun finishing your Geography and History projects. I look forward to seeing them.

Duo lingo Gaeilge – a fun way to learn Irish online


There is a daily quiz provided by Seomra Ranga every day. If you google Seomra Ranga Daily quiz, there are a range of them.


I will be in touch with you again after the Easter holidays.  Enjoy it as best you can.

Happy Easter

Ms. Murphy

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