Graduation Day 2021


We had a wonderful sunny day for our two Graduation ceremonies on Tuesday 29th June! We sang songs and reflected on the good years we have had, and the challenges we have faced in the past year. 

In the morning, our three 1st Classes sat together for the last time. We celebrated the wonderful camaraderie, kindness and tolerance that these boys and girls have developed for each other in their few years here in the Marist.  Our boys will be moving on to other schools, and we hope that they will bring those good qualities with them. Each boy took home a memento Graduation Medal, to remember us by. We wish them well in their continued education and friendships, and hope to meet them again! 

In the afternoon, it was time to say farewell to our 6th Class girls. We are so very proud of this group of girls, who have grown up with us here for the last 8 years. They have shown great example to the rest of the school in how they coped with the limitations and disappointments of this past challenging year. We are sure they will continue to grow into impressive young women, with strength of character and a desire to make the world a better place. 

Each girl received a Graduation Medallion in a lovely velvet box, that we hope will become a treasured memorial of their years in the Marist. 

Sr Geraldine also had several awards to present, in recognition of certain laudable achievements:

Éabha Mooney - Student of the Year Award

Sarah Downey-Miller - Jimmy Graham Community Award

Maggie-Mae Stafford - Gaelgóir na Bliana Award

Minahil Majeed - Fair Play Award

Layla Perry - Sports Award

Samiyo Abdalla - Positivity Award




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