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''We are walking! 
We have been encouraging safe walking to school, and being seen is hugely important to us.
Can you see us?''

Marist Primary School Children

The children in our school have really embraced our Green School's initiative of walking to school safely. 

Our High Vis Disco, held at the end of November, celebrated the large numbers of children in our school who wear their high vis jacket to school everyday. It was a great success and again a huge debt of gratitude to 2nd Class for their constant promotion of the need to be safe and be seen.

We are delighted with the number of children who wear their high-vis reflective jackets everyday.

Walking to school is good for the environment, good for our health and well being and is the perfect time to meet your friends and chat!

As it is winter it is even more important to be seen in the dark mornings and evenings.

Click on the photo above to  see some more happy images of our young school walkers!



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