Our Summer Concert

Our summer concert was a fantastic spectacle of music, song, rhyme and wonderful performances from our Junior and Senior Classes.  The youngest performers our Junior Infants  put on a great roof raising rendition of The Little Red Hen. Senior Infants amazed us with  Giraffes Can't Dance, their repitorie of songs  as good as their displays of the cha cha, waltz and reels.Our Senior Classes had, literally, two hard acts to follow, but they most definitely rose to the occasion. Fourth Class staged  Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhyme Cinderella It  was quick witted, sharp and superbly performed. They gave a timely warning to any young lady hoping to marry a prince! Our final act Wicked performed by 6th Class was of a standard worthy of any  performance in the West End. They performed with  exuberance, flair and energy. The show was memorable. The children can be really proud of  their performace. Sincere thanks to the teachers, SNAs, our sound engineer Ms. Donnellan and especially our Drama Teacher, Aoife Burke .


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