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Bio diversity as a School Initiative

We are currently working on bio-diversity as part of our school's Green School Programme. Bio-diversity is the study of all living things.We will soon be embarking on an ambitious project whereby the children will be creating their own school garden. As you can see from our photos, children of all ages can learn about the wonderful diverse world of living things which they inhabit.

 December Update: This term we were busy working on a project called 'The Great Plant Hunt' which is all about bio-diversity. Our infants have been busy exploring the grounds for birds and have been interested in seeing  the different species that visit our school grounds. We  were particularly hoping to find a Robin Red Breast , but so far we have had no luck! 

We are also monitoring our Cherry Blossom tree through the seasons - at the moment, in the middle of winter, it looks very bare.



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  •  Learning about bio diversity in Junior Infants.
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