Senior Infants

Suggested weekly work for Senior Infants- 22/06/20- 30/06/20


A note from teachers:

Hello to all the boys and girls in Senior Infants! It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of this school year. We would like to say well done to you all for your hard word over the past few weeks. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again in September!

 Get in touch- If you would like to make contact with us, please do so before the end of June as emails will not be in use after this date. We really appreciate all your co-operation and emails to date!





  • Keep up with your reading! Reading books you have at home with your family is very helpful. Continue to read and listen to stories over the holidays. You could even borrow some books from your local library!



  • Keep working on your phonics using ‘Sounds in Action’ workbook.



Letter Formation:

  • Capital ‘E’, Capital ‘F’.
  • See pages 52 and 53 of ‘Write Here’

(Write Here, Book B, Page 54 and 55)



Money- Shopping

Page 107:

Point to the first money box. Ask the children to say what coins are in the box (three 2c coins). Then ask how much money is in the box in total.

Do this for all the other money boxes on the page.

Have the children compare the moneyboxes by asking the following:

  • Which money box has the most/ least amount of money?
  • How many money boxes have money to the value of 10c?
  • Which box has more/ less money: box f or box j?


Page 108:

Point to the apple at the top left of the page and ask the children:

  • What fruit is this?
  • What price is on the price tag?
  • How many 1c coins are there in the row?
  • Is the row of coins a match for the price tag on the apple?
  • How many coins must we colour to have a match for the price tag?

Do the same with all the other foods on the page.

Have the children compare the prices of the foods by asking the following types of questions:

  • Which food is the dearest/ cheapest?
  • Which two foods total 9c?
  • If I have 5c, how much more would I need to buy the pear?


Page 109:

Point to the car at the top left of the page and ask the children:

  • What object is in the picture?
  • Do you think it is a real car? Why/ why not?
  • Does the price seem reasonable/ fair/ correct/ right? Discuss.
  • What coins are in the row?
  • How many 5c coins are there?
  • What is the smallest coin in this row?
  • What coins will we colour to have a match for the price tag?

Do the same with the other objects on the page.

Have the children compare the prices of the objects by asking the following questions:

  • Which object is the dearest/ cheapest on the page?
  • Which is the highest valued coin on the page?
  • What could be the cost of two toy cars?
  • How many cars cost the same as a toy bus?



Go Noodle: Can you pick a guided dance and practice it almost every day. Can you add in your own dance moves?

Then perform it for someone at home.

We would love to see pictures/ videos of your performance.


Practice Mindfulness (Cosmic Kids yoga)



PAWS is a Primary Aquatics Water Safety Programme.


Story book online:


Lesson Plan outline:





This week we think it would be a nice idea to listen to some of our favourite stories from school as Gaeilge!! Check out the links below to access some of these stories read in Irish on YouTube!

‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson:

‘Goldilocks and the three bears’:

It would also be a great time to revise our numbers as Gaeilge! Check out the link below to refresh your memory, and then maybe you can teach your family and friends how to count to 10 in Irish too!

Click the following link to access Cula4, which is home to some of our favourite TV shows such as ‘Adventure Time’, ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, ‘Alvin and the Chipmonks’ and ‘Horrid Henry’ all in Irish!

These are also available on the Irish TV channel, TG4!


This week we think it will be cool to create something that you can all play with – a Spinner!! All you need is some cardboard (a cereal box or similar will be perfect!), some paper, colours and a penny! Check out the link below to see how you can make your very own spinner to play with J

Although we are coming out of lockdown and can see some of our friends and family members from other households again, it might be a nice idea to make a card or drawing for the people we can’t see just yet and send it to them by post!


Enjoy this video all about being ‘Safety Smart’ in th water!



Muisc 22-30th june.docx


Messy Play!

Messy play is a fantastic way to round off our unusual school year with fun. Remember to dress for mess. Old t-shirts, aprons and cover floors with newspapers or plastic sheets.

We cannot express how invaluable quality time spent playing with your child is.

We have added the link here for the Messy Play book ideas. As every home will have different resources available to them we ask you to look through the book and do all the ideas that appeal to you. Have fun with this over the holidays!


Life-skill Challenge!

We hope you all got on well last week learning your address and a contact number!

This week we think it would be a good chance to look back over all the life-skills we have learned since the Easter holidays!

Practice any of the following that you think need some extra work:

  • Tying shoelaces
  • Dressing the bed
  • Setting the table for meals
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Hanging up/out the washing
  • Making a sandwich
  • Learning your address and a contact number

We hope you enjoy these activities this week and we would love to hear from you all through email before the end of June! Well done to you all.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to Lia in Ms. Carmody’s class who will be 7 this week!

Ms. Meskill, Ms. O’Grady, Ms. Carmody 


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