Senior Infants

Suggested weekly work for Senior Infants- 03/06/20- 05/06/20


A note from teachers:

Hello everyone in Senior Infants. We hope you are well and enjoying the great weather. We have reduced the amount of work for this week as we wind down for the summer. We want you all to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! Since you have your school books now, we have included some pages we would like you to work on.

Get in touch- If you have any questions, concerns, pictures to share!



  • Keep up with your reading!
  • All the books from Reading Zone are available on Folens, this is the sequence in which to read these books.
  • The Big Horse
  • Finn is Lost
  • Go Finn! Go!
  • What a Mess!
  • Are You Kitty?
  • I’m Not Scared!
  • Stop That Dog!
  • What’s in the box?
  • Oh What Fun!


  • Keep learning and revising your current word list. You could play games like bingo/ eye-spy/ snap etc. to make this more enjoyable.
  • Email us if you have any queries or if you require more reading material-


  • Keep working on your phonics using ‘Sounds in Action’ workbook.


Letter Formation:

  • Capital ‘P’, Capital ‘B’.
  • See pages 48 and 49 of ‘Write Here’

(Write Here, Book B, Page 48 and 49)



Representing and interpreting data:


  • With cubes/ blocks, ask your child to make a stack of 10 red cubes and a stack of 7 blue cubes directly underneath. These rows should be in one to one correspondence and will act as a start to formal subtraction that begins in first class.

Questions: How many blue counters are there? How many red counters are there? How many more red counters are there than blue? What could we do to make the two rows the same?

Page 100 (in Busy at Maths book):

  • What can you see on this page?
  • How many ladybirds are there?
  • How many butterflies are there?
  • How many spaces in the horizontal row must we colour for the ladybirds?
  • How many spaces must we colour for the butterflies?
  • Which row shows the number of ladybirds? (top)
  • Which row shows the number of butterflies?
  • Are there more or less ladybirds? How do you know?
  • How many fewer butterflies are there than ladybirds?

Page 101

  • What animals do you see?
  • How many dogs are there?
  • How many cats are there?
  • How many animals are there altogether?
  • How many more dogs are there than cats?
  • How many fewer cats are there than dogs?
  • How many more cats do we need to have the same number as dogs?


To access resources for Gaeilge, please visit;


Register as ‘Teacher’, enter your details as appropriate, and when redirected to the next page, enter ‘Prim20’ as Roll Number.


This will then redirect you to the ‘Abair Liom B’ page (if not, just search this title in the webpage’s search bar).


Click on the ‘themes’ tab on the left-hand side of the page, and select ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’, scroll down and choose ‘Póstaer- An Lá Spóirt’.

Within this folder this week, we will be looking at ‘Foclóir 2’, ‘Cuardach 2’ and ‘amhrán’.

Have a look at and complete the activities within these tabs, as well as listening to the song (amhrán).

In the main menu, choose ‘comhrá’ and ‘cluiche meaitseála’- complete the activities within these folders.

Here is a link to more colouring also:


An Lá Spóirt


The vocabulary below is used throughout the games and activities in this section. Students usually learn such vocab by listening to it, so the list below is to assist parents/guardians who may like to discuss the activities with students.


Ag rith- running

Ionadh- surprise

Uachtar reoite- ice cream

Ag scipeáil- skipping


Húla húp- hoola hoop


Ag imirt cispheile- playing basket ball


Ag siúl- walking




Tie-dye looks super cool, however it can be a messy process. This week we’ve found a cleaner alternative, using things we probably already have at home- baby wipes or face wipes and elastic band or hair ties! Click the link below to see how you can make tie-dye designs!

As we’ve already used fruit, and in school we used cotton buds and forks, to paint, this week we suggest using straws! If you don’t have paint at home, food colouring will just as well for this one! Check out the link below:



Practice Mindfulness (Cosmic Kids yoga)


Youtube [Pick some activities on the following]:      

  • Go Noodle
  • Just Dance


We would love to see some pictures of you staying active on your bike, scooter or trampoline!!

Enjoy the sunshine and do not forget to wear sun cream!!



We hope you enjoyed learning about Minibeasts last week…

Here are some stories about Minibeasts you can listen to. - Mad about Minibeasts - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Superworm

Workbook pg 49:



Music 3-5th June.docx 


Life-skill Challenge!

We hope you all got on well last week sweeping the floors!

This week, as the weather is so nice, we think it would be a great idea to help out with the washing. If you have a clothes line, or a clothes horse, it would be a nice to help hanging out the clothes to dry! Make sure you peg the clothes to the line properly so they don’t blow away!

Best of luck, and as always, we’d love to see some pictures of you completing this weeks challenge!


We would like to wish Elisa from Ms. Carmody’s class a very happy birthday.

Keep safe and well, we hope you enjoy some of the above! Get in touch through email if you have any feedback, questions or pictures of your work.


Ms. Meskill, Ms. O’Grady, Ms. Carmody 


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