Sixth Class

Suggested Weekly Work for Sixth Class – 3/06/’20- 5/06/’20

A note from teacher:

Girls, I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday. The weather has been incredible and I’m sure those of you with a pool in the garden have spent plenty of time in it.

I’m waiting for the last few signatures. Usually at the end of the year you would all sign shirts or a class photo. I would like you to have the memento so please email your signature to me this week.

I would like thank the girls who sent me on their samples of work. I would see a sample of work from everyone this week, a piece of work you found easy/hard or something that you enjoyed doing to

This Friday we would have been going on our school tour so as part of our SESE this week I’ve planned a virtual tour. Scroll down to SESE to find out where we are going!

This would have been a short week at school, we would have been off Monday and Tuesday and gone on our School Tour Friday so the work has been reduced. Give your best effort to the work I have assigned. 

I have the answers to last weeks work if you would like to correct it all.  If you are having problems accessing links please let me know, the email is

Have a good week, I look forward to hearing from you,

Ms. Donnellan


Keep reading.

There are free books online you can read.

Libraries Ireland is allowing people to join for free and access ebooks from home. Click on the link, fill in the form and you will receive a library number and a pin which will allow you to access books from home.

JK Rowling is releasing chapters of her new book online every day. It is not a harry potter book but a story she wrote years ago and read to her own children. It is called the Ickabog. Here is the link



Read the comprehension about Summer in Ireland and answer the questions

Click here




Continue writing out your spellings into your copy as normal. Week 33









Quay (pronounced key)











Prepositions and subject Click here



Write a persuasive argument about Junk Food Click here



  • Mathletics to be done at home – [If you have lost your login details, please let us know and these can be forwarded to you directly]
  • It is SO IMPORTANT to know your tables off my heart for Secondary School. Use this time to go over your multiplication and division tables.



We are going to look at a number of different topics this week:




Duo lingo Gaeilge – a fun way to learn Irish online




Marcaíocht – horse riding

Ag cleachtadh – practising

Ceacht- lesson

Foireann – team

Cóitsealaí – coach

Imrím – I play

Club áitiúil – local team

Corn –cup

Bhuaigh – to win

Ag treenail – training

Feadóg stain – tin whistle

Chaill – lost





Abair Liom Click here




More planning for Secondary School.

Here are some tips about how to organise your locker – a big concern every year for girls

Also it’s time now to think about how you will deal with the homework next year.  Anser the questionnaire and see where it will be best for you to do your homework next year.

Click here



This week our SESE is our school tour.

(you can practise the songs that we would have been singing on the bus, I think the Potter’s Hand would have only been allowed to be sung once!!)


Our First stop:

We are going to go to the Phoenix Park and visit Aras an Uachtaráin – the Presidents home.

Let’s read about our president: Click here. Try the short quiz at the end

What does the President do? Click here

Where does the President live? Click here

Let’s take a walk around the Aras using the Virtual Tour. Click here


Now it’s break time. Enjoy your lunch and have a treat just like we were on our school tour.


Second stop: The National History Museum.

Here we are going to explore the Natural History Museum, learn about different animals and at the end I’d like you to design and make your own booklet on an animal of your choice.

I’ve broken it into sections

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6






We will continue our fitness challenge this week. Spell different words while performing the exercise after each letter

A= 15 arm circles

B= 10 squats

C+ 5 push-ups

D= 10 jumping jacks

E = 10 seconds plank hold

F= 10 ab crunches

G=15 back arm circles

H=5 sky jumps

I= 10 knees to elbows

J = 10 bunny hops

K=10 leg lifts

L= 10 alternative toe touches

M= 10 single leg hops


N= dance on the spot 30 sec

O= high knees 15 seconds

P= balance on one foor 30 sec

Q= 5 sky jumps

R= 5 push ups

S= do 10 lunges

T= wall sit 10 seconds

U= army crawl 10 seconds

V= 10 squats

W= 10 single leg hops

X= 15 back arm circles

Y= 10 leg lifts

Z= 10 alternative toe touches




The GAA have created Games Skill Challenges, to help you improve your skills. Challenge yourself this week. Pick a challenge, watch the video and see how you get on


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is providing Live PE classes on YouTube everyday


Youtube - Just Dance/circuit classes/yoga


It would be great to see a picture of some of the activities you get up to.




To help teachers, students and parents during this difficult time Grow in Love granting free access to Grow In Love AND Soul seekers online series. Simply login on the website with the following details:


Password: growinlove

Sixth Class: Theme 9 Morality: Lesson  3: we can chose to shine like Jesus


JK Rowling is inviting you to help illustrate The Ickabog for her. Every day when chapters of the story are uploaded, she will be making suggestions of what you might like to draw or paint to illustrate the story as it goes along. You should let your imagination run wild. Here is the link to find the details



Ms. Barry has created a new activity for you about ancient and outrageous instruments.  Click here

Ongoing work:

Enjoy your virtual school tour this week, explore the Aras and the National History Museum.

Enjoy your week and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Donnellan