Sixth Class


Suggested Weekly Work for Sixth Class – 30/3/’20- 3/4/’20

A note from teacher:

I hope everyone is doing ok. I really understand how hard it is to stay inside, we all miss going out to meet and talk to our friends but hopefully we will all be back together soon. Try your best with the work don’t worry if you are unable to access the links.

Be good for your parents girls, help out at home with jobs around the house and help any younger siblings to do their work.

 Happy Birthday to Emily and Katie who will celebrate their birthday during the Easter holidays.

Ms. Donnellan


Keep reading to reach your Accelerated Reader target. Although we won’t be back at school to have our AR party before Easter, we will hopefully be back soon.

Read Hello Universe Pg 74-79 The soldier who did not wash.

Look up the following words, put in your vocabulary copy and learn:

Disconsolate, weary, contrary, treachery, diminish, eccentric, benefactor, squalor, sinew, disposition, impending


Continue writing out your spellings into your copy as normal. Week 25.


















Answer Questions: Hello Universe

Tale and Detail pg 80 Q1-5 and Undercover work Q1-6.

Don’t forget to use full sentences to answer the questions 



Nouns [Pg 9]

Onomatopoeia [Pg 74]

David Walliams is releasing a free children’s audio book story every day for the next month. It is taken from his stories, including World’s Worst Children, he even does the voices! Use the link below to listen to the stories with your family.



  • Mathletics to be done at home – [If you have lost your login details, please let us know and these can be forwarded to you directly]
  • Tables work X7, X9


  • Maths Challenge: Complete 2 tests this week. Don’t forget to label each test correctly.


  • Fractions: Revise how to find a percentage of a number. (change the percentage to a fraction, then divide by the bottom, multiply by the top)


Example find 3% of 240.


Change 3% into    3/100                         


Divide 240 by 100 =  2.4


And multiply it by 3      2.4  x  3 = 7.2   Pg 99 Q 4,5  



  • Weight: talk about and investigate the weight of different objects in your house. If possible do some measuring of ingredients if baking at home.  Pg 163 Q1,5,  Pg 164 Q1-3


Duo lingo Gaeilge – a fun way to learn Irish online


 An Cháisc – Easter



An Cháisc - Easter

Seacláid - chocolate


Ciseán cásca – Easter basket


Ubh chásca – Easter egg


An t-Earrach - Spring


Lus an chromchinn - Daffodil


Féileacáin –butterfly

Nead – nest

Coinín – rabbit

Domhnach Cásca- Easter Sunday

Ribín – ribbon

Uan- lamb

An Aimsir Fháistineach –An dara réimniú

Ceannaigh – to buy.  Ceannoidh mé: I will buy

Eirigh- to get up. Éireoidh mé – I will get up

Imir- to play   Imreoidh mé –I will play




Ceannóidh mé/tú/sé/sí/sibh/said


An gceannóidh?

Ní cheannóidh



Éireoidh mé/tú/sé/sí/sibh/said


An éireoidh?

Ní éireoidh



Imreoidh mé/tú/sé/sí/sibh/said


An imreoidh?

Ní imreoidh


Complete the sentences below:

  1. ______________ seaicéad leathair do Shíofra dá breithlá. (ceannaigh said)
  2. ______________ go luath maidin amárach. (eirigh sinn)
  3. ______________ an chéad cluiche eilie Dé hAoine seo chugainn. (imir sibh)
  4. ______________ an fiestas don chóisir tar éis na scoile amárach. ( bailigh sí)


Translate into Irish

  1. I will buy flowers in the shop tomorrow.
  2. We will get up early on Saturday.
  3. They will play football in the park.
  4. I will not buy a cake in the shop next week.


Keep a gratitude journal, listing 3 things you are thankful for each day.


History: The 1916 Easter Rising

Create a timeline of the major events in your copy


Science/Stem: using resources in your house create a bridge. You can use paper and tape, straws/spaghetti and marshmallows/blue tack/putty, anything that won’t break!! Design your bridge first, make it and then review and change it to make it better.



Geography: Revise countries of Europe from your geography workbook


Practice Mindfulness (Cosmic Kids yoga)


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is providing Live PE classes on YouTube everyday


Youtube - Just Dance



Prayers – revise Sign of Cross, Hail Mary and Our Father, prayer to the Holy Spirit

To help teachers, students and parents during this difficult time Grow in Love granting free access to Grow In Love AND Soul seekers online series. Simply login on the website with the following details:


Password: growinlove

Sixth Class: Theme 7: Lesson 1: We remember the Passion and Death of Jesus :


Art:  Get creative with Easter art


Ongoing work:

There is a daily quiz provided by Seomra Ranga every day. If you google Seomra Ranga Daily quiz, there are a range of them, see who can answer the most right in your house


Finish your project. I gave you the option of doing a project about a country in the world or a project about something that interests you whether it be about an author, a book, a person, a film, a hobby, historical figure or even a topic in science that interests you. I look forward to seeing them.

I would really recommend keeping a diary during this time. In years to come, this will be a time you will look back on and tell people about (even your own children or grandchildren). A diary would be a lovely way to remember everything that is happening,

I won’t be in touch with you over Easter. Enjoy your two weeks off.

Have a good Easter.

Ms. Donnellan

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