Third Class

Suggested Weekly Work for 3rd class – 30/3/’20- 3/4/’20

A note from teacher:

Hello 3rd class!

I am excited to be back in touch with you all. I hope each of you and your families are keeping well. I have attached below some work for this week. I understand that this is a difficult time, so please complete this to the best of your ability and do not worry about it after that. Do your best and keep safe.

Also, Happy Birthday to Brooke Fitzgerald who celebrated her birthday last Friday and to Chloe Leadbeater who will celebrate her birthday over the Easter holidays!

Ms. McNamara



  • Please complete the AR books given to you before the school closed.


  • The following are the spellings for this week. Please place these words in interesting sentences and practice spelling each of the spellings aloud. (Attached writing)















  • Register as a teacher on the Folens website and use the code Prim20 for Roll Number.
  • Search for the book ‘Literacy Leap 3rd class’
  • Read the comprehension ‘The best pet in Ireland’ page 32 & 33.
  • Answer the first eight questions on page 35 based on what you have read (Full sentences, attached writing & careful with capital letters!)



  • Log back into the Folens account you have created above
  • Search ‘Write On Book 2’
  • Practice writing each of the attached letters (page 2)



  • These are the WOW words for this week. Please find their meaning in the dictionary and then place each of them into interesting sentences. (Attached writing)







Oral language:

  • In class we had started reading the book ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. Here is a link so you can find out what happens next in the story. Have a chat about the book- Who are the main characters? What has happened so far in the story? What do you think might happen next? Why?



Q1. Amy had €5.00 and she got another €3.50 from her brother. How much money does she now have altogether?


Q2. Tara had €3.75 and but then lost 30c. How much money had she left?


Q3. Paul had €2.00 , Eamonn had €2.35 and Simon had €4.60. How much money did the boys have altogether?


Q4. Mary had only €2.75 but she wanted to buy a dress that cost €7.00. How much more money does Mary need to buy the dress?


Q5. Liam wanted to buy a chocolate bar that cost €1.20. He gave the shopkeeper €5.00 for the chocolate bar. How much change should Liam get?



Duo lingo Gaeilge – a fun way to learn Irish online

Register as a new user and select ‘Irish’ as your chosen language (10 minutes per day)


An Cháisc - Easter

Seacláid - chocolate


Ciseán cásca – Easter basket


Ubh chásca – Easter egg


An t-Earrach - Spring

Lus an chromchinn - Daffodil


Sicín – chicken

Milseáin - Sweets

Coinín - rabbit



  • Complete a random act of kindness for someone in your family each day
  • Design a poster to remind everyone the importance of showing kindness to others



  • Use your Folens login as above
  • Search ‘Unlocking History 3rd class’
  • Read pages 18 à23 and then write down five ( or more!) interesting facts you have learned about the Stone Age


  • Revise counties of Ireland – name each of the counties in the four provinces orally.


  • On the Dublin Zoo Website you can see the elephants being fed between 10.30am and 12.30pm – click onto the webcam link and see if you can answer these questions orally.
  • What the elephants are eating/ drinking?
  • What do they do when they are not eating/ drinking?
  • How many elephants can you see?
  • Which of the elephants are the parents? How would you know this?
  • Do you think an elephant could live in a field? Why/ Why not?
  • How would you describe where the elephants live? Why does this environment suit them?


Joe Wicks P.E lessons:



  • Make some Easter cards for your members of your family- get creative!

On-going work:

  • Start a project on a topic that interests your child. The children can add a page each day.  It can be about their favourite book, person, film, hobby, football team, Disney character or a country. They can write, draw, paint and even cut-out pictures to add into their book each day and they can present their masterpiece when school starts back.
  • Each day (Monday to Friday) RTE 2 will be airing a school programme from 11-12pm. Tune in for some interesting activities!


I am very much looking forward to looking at the children’s projects and work once we are back in school.  All you can do is your best and I will be happy with that! I will be in touch with you again after the Easter holidays. 

Have a lovely Easter and enjoy it as best you can.

Ms. McNamara

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