We are all connected - Culture Day

Today we celebrated Culture  Day - lfhour school was a kaleidiscope of colour, flavour, exocitc aromas and of course culture  The  number and variety of countries  from which  the children and/or their parents originate is breathtaking !

We now  have children from countries from Asia, Afria, the Americas and  Europe in the school.  The parents  and grandparetns were absoultely superb in how they embraced the day  - providing  such an array of food, artefacts, music and national dress for all to enjoy. The theme for the day was- We are all connected' - it was a theme which was so alive and vibrant today as we were all connected as a Marist School which is proud to have such wonderful cultures in its midst!

Sincere thanks to all the parents and grandparents who made today such a memorable and informative day for all the children in the school and to Ms. Wrafter for her wonderful organization of the day.


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  • Resplendent in our national dress
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  • Jordan and Ireland meeting!

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