Fifth Class

Suggested Weekly Work for 5th class – 30/3/’20 - 3/4/’20

A note from teacher:

Hello to all my girls in 5th class,

I hope you and all in your family are keeping well.  I know this is a very difficult time for everyone. I have given you a list of work which you can do over the coming week.  Do your best with this work but please do not worry if you are unable to do it or if you cannot access the websites. I know you are all doing lots of different activities at home to keep you busy!  The most important thing for you to do is to keep safe. Remember to stay at home and to respect social distancing guidelines.

Ms. Tiernan


I would like to wish Sasha a very happy birthday. Sasha will be eleven on Friday! Have a great day Sasha!





Starry Links pg. 174-181 Hard Times

Read the story Hard Times and use your dictionary to look up any words you don’t understand.


A Girl Called Blue


Continue reading class novel A Girl called Blue

Pick one Literacy Circle activity each day e.g.

Monday: Passage Finder

Tuesday: Vocabulary Finder

Wednesday: Summariser

Thursday: Story Connector

Friday: Artful Artist

If you have finished our class novel, you may do Literacy Circle activities on any book you are reading or on the story Hard Times from Starry Links.



Answer the questions 1-6 Tale and Detail and questions 1-6 Undercover Work on page 182 Starry Links. Remember to write full sentences for each answer.    


Write a letter to the person who sits beside you in school. You can hand deliver the letter when we get back to school!



Proper nouns are names of people, places, brand names and titles.

Common nouns are names of things: girl, car, house, pen etc.

Starry Links pg. 183 Word Wizardry questions 1 and 2



Week 27


















Continue to learn your vocabulary each day and try to use your new words in a sentence.



Duo lingo Gaeilge – a fun way to learn Irish online


Abair Liom:  An Aimsir: Tom Crean pages 114 and 115

Léigh an scéal ar lch 114 agus freagair na ceisteanna ar lch 115 A, B agus C

Read the story on page 114 and answer the questions on pg. 115 A, B and C



Listen to the story being read by using the following link:


An Cháisc – Easter



An Cháisc – Easter

Seacláid – chocolate


Ciseán cásca – Easter basket


Ubh chásca – Easter egg


An t-Earrach – Spring


Lus an chromchinn - Daffodil


Sicín – chicken


Milseáin – Sweets


Coinín – rabbit


Léigh an scéal seo a leannas bunaithe ar an téma An Cháisc

Read the following story based on the theme Easter.




  • Mathletics to be done at home – [If you have lost your login details, please let us know and these can be forwarded to you directly]


Busy at Maths 5

Strand: Measures

Strand Unit: Area


Area is the space covered by a 2-D shape.

We use the square centimetre (cm²) to measure small areas eg copy book, photo frame, laptop

We use the square metre (m²) to measure large areas e.g. a swimming pool, football pitch, garden


Perimeter is the distance around the 2-D shape.




Use the following links to watch tutorials on some area and perimeter activities:

Look at pages 112 and 113 of your Busy at Maths book and try answering the questions.


Maths Challenge

Test 50, 51, and 52

Continue to revise your tables regularly.

Keep a gratitude journal, listing 3 things you are thankful for each day.



Geography Quest 5:  Chapter 8: Lets Investigate Rocks and Soils pg. 40 -43

Read this chapter and try some of the activities at the end of each section.

Read and learn the Key Vocabulary at the end of the chapter

Continue with the next chapter in your geography workbook.


History:  Do a project on the Easter Rising 1916.  You can choose any part of the Rising or any person from the rising which interests you most.

Here are some ideas:

  • The Proclamation
  • The Women of the 1916 Rising
  • Irish Volunteers
  • Irish Citizen Army
  • Timeline of events



Practice Mindfulness (Cosmic Kids yoga)


YouTube [Pick some activities on the following]:           

  • Go Noodle
  • Just Dance


P.E with Joe Wicks The Body Coach:



To help teachers, students and parents during this difficult time Grow in Love granting free access to Grow In Love AND Soul seekers online series. Simply login on the website with the following details:


Password: growinlove



Art:  Get creative with Easter art

Ongoing work:

Start a project on a topic/topics that interests you.  You can add a page each day.  It could be about your favourite book, person, film, hobby, football team, Disney character or a country. You could draw, paint cut out pictures to add into your book each day and you can present your masterpiece when school starts back.



I will be in touch with you again after the Easter holidays.  Have a happy Easter and enjoy this time at home with your family.

Ms. Tiernan

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